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Rambo Treadmill - Fashion 3

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Brand: Kansa
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Short description

TECHNICAL DATA · Input Voltage: 220V (50Hz/60Hz) · Speed range: 0.5-16 (km/h) · Incline range: 0-15% · Max power: 3.5HP motor · Input power: 2200W . max capacity: 150 (kg) . Massage belt

The Fashion 3Rambo treadmill all you need to improve your gym, it comes with its unique features which have been updated to offer a more professional look. 

Space saver

Its fold up system and indoor transport wheels makes it easy to store when not in use. 


This treadmill has been designed to give you an easy and enjoyable user experience.  You can view the incline, the distance you have run and the calories you burn among many other things on the large display. Plus all control buttons are well placed on the handle bars for easy access. 

Customize your Workout

With 12 professional exercise programs and an auto incline with 15 levels, you can customize your workout and change it up every day, so your workout regime will never get boring, Choose from time, distance, or calorie-goal workouts to get the results you want. 


Safety is our top priority, the safety lock is pinned on the cloth to ensure users safety. It can also be used to keep off unauthorized users since without the key the machine won't operate

 Special features

  • Massage belt 
  • Auto incline

Technical Specifications


Weight (kg): 139

Product warranty: 1 year warranty

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