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Electroplated Adjustable Dumbbells

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Brand: Kansa
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Key Features: Dumbbell Spin-Lock Set, Great for the home gym workout sessions, Rubber dumbbell Handles, Threaded Chrome dumbbell handles feature solid, heavily chrome steel with deep threads for safety and durability.

Are you ready for the ultimate free weight experience? If so, then prepare yourself for this beautifully crafted dumbbells sets. These weights have been specially designed with a nice handle grip to ensure a secure and comfortable grip. No matter how sweaty your hands get, you can take your training to the limit every time! Boasting the classic ‘six pack’ look, these weight-plates are simply stunning. Highly visible numbers that won’t wear down and a great ridge around the edge that allows for easy pick-up are standard for these exceptional weights. Dumbbells are great tools for strengthening and toning a wide variety of muscles including the biceps, triceps, deltoids, latissimus dorsi, quads, glutes, hamstrings, calves and core abdominals. Keeping your exercise program varied and fresh is great way to stay on track and achieve your fitness goals. Secure spin-lock collars allow you to effortlessly adjust the weight so your workout remains uninterrupted. Perfect for use in the even the smallest home gym there is no excuse for not getting in shape.  

odzwxjzer, 19.10.2020
Electroplated Adjustable Dumbbells
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Alfred, 02.09.2020
when you say 20KG pair, do your mean a total of 40KG? am interested.
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Rashpal Singh, 12.05.2020
Afternoon, do you have them in stock ?
Mayur Shinde, 17.04.2020
when you say 1okgs pair, is it a total of 20kgs for two of the dumbells that make up the pair?

I am very interested. please respond asap
Kiki, 03.04.2020
when you say 15kgs pair, is it a total of 30kgs for two of the dumbells that make up the pair?

I am very interested. please respond asap
Sotirakis sotirios, 20.06.2019
You "gentlemen" are pure thieves.
You advertise at multiple places 40kg weights for 7k, just to say afterwards that for the price I get only 15kg.
totally unacceptable.
I'll post everywhere, online shops, blogs, forums, etc where is see your gang you call business, so people will know with who they are dealing with.
And you send me apologizing mail and asking to contact you, just to tell me sorry.
Good business people accept their mistakes and they pay for them...
But as I can understand you are not business people but common thieves.
I'll keep posting here and everywhere else no matter how many times you will delete my comment
epohaticobu, 19.04.2019
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alupiuxa, 19.04.2019
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Steven, 06.02.2019
I added the weights it doesn't come to 40kg it comes to 38
Veronica, 03.09.2018
I am interested in the 20kg dumb bells.Pse get in touch urgently
anthony, 21.03.2018
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