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Olympic Weight Bench

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Brand: Kansa
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Independent deluxe mid width uprights with deluxe multi-purpose bench, Oversized bar catches features chromed barbell safety catches, Durable charcoal powder coated finish, Walk in squat, Decline/flat/military/incline positions

·         Technical reference: 60x60mm Heavy duty steel  

·         pad size :seat pad:400*405*100mm     backrest pad:750*320*50mm      arm curl pad:490*305*90mm

·         Width of upright support:1260mm

·         Max user body weight:180kgs

·         Assembly size:1820*1260*1450mm

·         Function: Incline Decline and flat bench press, leg developer, leg back curl Dumbbell Exercise  Squat,  Preacher Curl 

·         Adjustable bar crutch and safety catch 


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