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Adjustable Sit Up Ab Bench

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Brand: Kansa
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Key Features : Multi-purpose Curve Sit Up Bench, Easy Pull-Pin Adjustment, Folds flat for easy storage, Decline and sit up bench for all purposes, Easy-adjustable height allows for multiple users, Exercise equipment is built of sturdy steel for years of use and long life



This is a Confidence Fitness Sit Up Ab Bench ideal for all levels of workout. It has soft yet firm cushions that give optimal support, it is suitable for sit-ups, abdominal work, and upper body workouts. You can also adjust to incline/height to tailor the intensity to your fitness level and you can have the advantage of an adjustable leg support with high-density support foam,


Key Features


  • Multi-purpose Curve Sit Up Bench  
  • Easy Pull-Pin Adjustment
  • Folds flat for easy storage
  • Decline and sit up bench for all purposes
  • Easy-adjustable height allows for multiple users
  • Exercise equipment is built of sturdy steel for years of use and long life

Heavy duty vinyl cushion pad seating surface with dense foam padding

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